Music Curriculum and Recordings for Young Children

Hi, I'm Maria Alley. I've been teaching children (including those with developmental issues and special needs) for many years. I find it both enlightening and rewarding to work with all children. As we teach them, they are teaching us to remember their colourful world of imagination, music, dance and drama. We are all fascinated by tales from the past and when story is combined with music the magic begins!

Songs and Activities for Preschoolers, their Parents and Teachers!

On this site, you'll find songs and activities for preschoolers: lesson plans, CDs and MP3s, and ideas for parents and teachers.

For Early Childhood Educators, a complete, approved Preschool Music Curriculum!

Teach a high-quality, multi-cultural music curriculum for Preschool to Grade 1, World Music and Rhythm Talk.

Please take a few moments to browse the site, and if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me.

<a href="wmtalk.cfm"><b>World Music and Rhythm Talk!</b></a><p>Complete music curriculum for children aged 3 - 7.</p> <a href="wmtalk.cfm#listennow"><b>World Music and Rhythm Talk!</b></a><p>Everything you need to teach a multi-cultural music program to children.</p> <a href="wmtalk.cfm#watchvideo"><b>World Music and Rhythm Talk!</b></a><p>Program DVD will give you the confidence to lead the activities on your own.</p> <a href="wmtalk.cfm#learnmore"><b>World Music and Rhythm Talk!</b></a><p>Complete 36 week classroom program approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Education.</p>